FAMOUS for dayzzzz
The Wrong Pavillion at Panke Gallery, Berlin/DE

“FAMOUS for dayzzzz” is Philipp Teisters’ new work and contribution for the Internet & Fame pavilion of the Wrong Digital Art Biennial in 2018. Using a piece of furniture which is normally found in the living room and being used primarily for seating, he found a unique object of euphemism affirmative action.

“FAMOUS for dayzzzz” more than a regular and multiple-charged with various meanings over one century. Teister’s title for his new work holds a hint to what the artists is trying to endeavor when showing this rather simple object in the context of an art exhibition at Panke Gallery in Berlin/DE which deals with Internet and fame, most of us are trying to live up to or reaching out for nowadays.

His work latest work includes even a larger repertoire of theories, from socio-biological to techno-societial--presenting an off-line property developed by online memes and its characteristics of the social world that surrounds us in our daily life in the Digital Age.

Like demanding sexual favors, subordinate to a superior in return for entry into occupation, Teisters’ work deals with and ask the right questions with specific reference to Internet, Fame and a passé euphemism which normalizes sexual harassment and sexual assault.